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Max Langosco: freelance expertise for project management consulting and training


Support for improving your PMO, for transformation projects, for kicking-off CAPEX projects, or for change management.

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Tailored PM training

Traditional or online tailored classes, webinars, and learning paths to boost your teams and to develop project management maturity.

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About us

It is counter-productive to fight uncertainty, CrowRider is about learning to surf the Edge of Chaos

Hi! I am Max Langosco di Langosco, a freelance PM expert. CrowRider is my presentation site, my nickname, but also my philiosophy (..why CrowRider? I hear this question often. More about that below…)

The person:

Who is Massimiliano (Max) Langosco di Langosco?

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I’ve spent two decades in International Project Management, in the Americas, Europe and the UAE, in a wide spectrum of roles and responsibilities, covering the whole Project Management arena. I graduated in Economics and Business Administration in Rome, Italy. I’m a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)®, from the Project Management Institute (PMI)®. Click below to see my bio, or my LinkedIn profile. I am happy to hear from you if you have questions or inquiries. Please write to:


The Secret of Success

The right support can mean the difference between project success and failure, if it arrives on time. My own success is based on yours: I’m ready to link my fee to your improvement!

You may contact us at:

Following are a few examples of how I can help your organization:

Project Lift Off!

Supporting projects at start up. Making sure that all best practices are being taken into consideration at the kick off of key projects

Project Manager Coaching

A great investment in your most promising Project Managers. Both on-site and remote coaching (or a combination of both). Coaching plans are built around the individual(s) to be coached. Improvements are measured as direct impact on the triple constraint (scope, time and cost), and are generally seen very soon after the coaching period is complete.

Troubled Projects?

Move away from Fire Fighting… for good! There is always residual value in a project. If a project is “running down the drain”, the team is de-motivated, and the customer is frustrated, I can help rebuild trust both internally to the team and to the customer, to harvest the residual value, build for the future, and collect the lessons learned!

Running your risk estimation

Running a Risk Estimation Session for a new or an ongoing project This would include the risk estimation session preparation, the facilitation of the session itself, and the first follow up of risk management action points.


Building the Future

At CrowRider, we know well that spending a few days in a training room will not, in itself, make a project manager out of anyone. For this reason, our approach is based on creating a tailored development path rather than single stand-alone sessions, and we pay a lot of attention to post-training session support. We strive to be as flexible as possible in the creation of the learning solutions. For this reason we have create what we call the flexi-modules, which can be combined (also with additional tailor-made modules)  in many different ways to create the most accurate fit for YOUR needs.

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Why is it called CrowRider?

Crows are amazing birds. They are intelligent, creative, and they are… unpredictable. Crows however, have in many cultures become connected to a superstition about bad luck. The crow brings bad luck, or the crow’s call “craa” is a bad omen, to the point that in English a flock of crows is called… a murder of crows…. brrr. Projects are often prey to uncertainty. Risks, both known-unknowns or unknown-unknowns, are a reality that project managers learn to take into account each step of the way. Therefore, the idea of a cowboy harmoniously riding a gigantic crow appealed to me. Riding a crow as a symbol not of oppressing uncertainty, which is an illusion, but of riding with it.

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