Level 3: Elective, freely combinable 1 day flexi-modules


class1Choose, adapt, tailor, the combination of learning most needed for your teams! pick and choose amongst the following one day modules to create the perfect fit for your needs, without wasting time on topics which are less relevant for you.

Project Team Leadership: Basic skills a project manager needs to understand, motivate, and lead a project team.
Risk Management: A practical approach to dealing with uncertainty in Project management.
Change Management: Change is a constant and yet it is often ignored. This module will offer the key skills necessary to create an appropriate project change management plan and to manage and control it.
Earned Value Management: a best practice which enables project managers to control cost and schedule in a combined effective manner.
Effective communication: The most common reason for project failure, can be dealt with in a professional manner by utilizing key best practices. These will be learned during this module.
Dealing with Troubled Projects: Acknowledging the situation and learning to reevaluate priorities in order to make the most out of situations which seem hopeless.

Examples of combined classes:

“…competitive pressure is hitting us hard, we need to make the most of every penny!…”

Your tailored 3 day training solution:

  • Day1: Change Management
  • Day 2: Risk Management
  • Day 3: Earned Value Management

“…Good Team. Good project manager. Challenging project. We need to make sure that team and leadership are in sync…”

Your tailored 2 day training solution:

  • Day1: Project Team Leadership
  • Day 2: Effective communication management

“…it is a tough project.  Deadlines and budget keep slipping. The team is under a lot of pressure, and might soon start losing hope of meeting key objectives…”

Your tailored 3 day training solution:

  • Day1: Dealing with Troubled Projects
  • Day 2: Change Management
  • Day 3: Effective communication management

Remember… new flexi-modules are being added all the time! Do you need one which is not in this list? No problem! Let us know!

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