mission statement

WHY we are in business:

Project Management Basicbookshelf partFor our customers: we strive to boost their way of working, and help their employees embrace change and increase motivation and results,

For our employees: we pledge to create a rewarding and meaningful work environment where their need to improve the lives of others can find space and expression,

For society as a whole: we believe in creating a more just and sustainable capitalism through example and education.

HOW we do this:


In order to deliver the WHY, our focus is to offer a portfolio of solutions which combine:

  1. cutting edge research (such as on how the human brain learns, how habits are formed and broken),
  2. globally recognized project management solutions and best practices,
  3. focus on training which makes a change. We strive to have 100% applicability of newly learned skills (connecting theory to real world by using templates in class, and including follow up, and application in real life projects into the learning program),
  4. collaboration with best in class partners (no re-inventing the same wheel over and over…),
  5. viewing every single project manager as a leader, therefore interpersonal/leadership skills, and emotional competencies are part of basic project management knowledge in our learning approaches.

WHAT we do:

workingIn order to meet our stated aim, we offer corporations and institutions globally the continually improving best project management training solutions available anywhere, …period.

Achieving objectives and keeping customers happy is a constant,

how to do it is in constant evolution:

Stay Relevant. Advance Your Career