Early life

My brother and me, sometime in the ’70s

I was born in Sondrio, in northern Italy.

Before my first birthday, my parents had moved to Guinea (West Africa). Then, when I was about two years old, we moved to Argentina. That’s where I have my first memories.

However, Hong Kong is my childhood home, the place where I actually grew up, where we lived from 1973 to 1981.

In 1981 we moved back to Italy where I proceeded with high school and university.


Family: I’m married to Ingrid, and I have three grown-up sons, Lauro, Alessandro and Leonardo. They make us proud.

Painting: When I am not on the road, I enjoy painting. This is some of my work:



What else?

Instagram: A while back my son Leo recommended that, since I am often on the road and I enjoy taking pictures, I should put them up on Instagram. If you think it was a good idea click to see my pics.

Music: I’m a sucker for blues, rock, and good stuff in general… you too? then you might like my Spotify playlist.

Chess: I like playing chess. Want to play game? Download this app and challenge me (my username is easy: langosco)!