Project Lift Off


Ideal before starting new CAPEX projects.

Project lift off runs through the whole initial phase of your key projects making sure you are methodologically compliant with acknowledged best practices (PMI).

Starting by defining the product scope, the desired outcome of the project we make sure project charter and understanding of the project needs on part of the project manager and team are complete. We then move on to defining the project scope (i.e.: the actual work which will be performed) by running through a stakeholder analysis, defining requirements, Risk assessment, scope definition and WBS. The outcome will be a set of project baselines, including the cost baseline and a project schedule ready for management approval.

This thorough project kick of will prove to be a valuable basis against which to run the project and supports the creation a positive relationship between project and management. This work will typically last between one and two weeks.

Key output: Project Charter, Stakeholder analysis, Project Requirements, Work Breakdown Structure, Risk Register, Project Schedule, Project Cost Baseline, (depending on the nature of the project, other elements may include documents such as: Health & Safety Plan, Procurement Plan, Quality Plan).