Are you suffering from a post PMP class depression?

Are you suffering from a post PMP class depression?

October 26, 2015 Certifications 0

bookshelf partAre you suffering from a post PMP prep class depression … also known as P-PMS 😉 ?

Do you feel like all that “stuff” which has been crammed into your brain in a week or less, has somehow completely vanished into thin air? Remember the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy maxim… and: DON’T PANIC!

This initial emptiness is a common reaction to a PMP Prep class. Keep in mind that it is a class in which a lot of information is shared, and at first it seems impossible to remember it all. It gets crammed into your brain in a short period of time.

Some participants have the impression of having been dragged through someone else’s lifetime of professional experiences. It can be pretty traumatic if the methodology and the concepts are far from one’s own personal experience. Sometimes we fear that the “pie in the sky” might turn out to be miles too high (Pink Floyd wisdom…). For this reason at CrowRider we consider post-class support as key success factor.

Beware! These are common “loser reactions” you should NOT take:

  • Lose heart and decide that… PMP is crap.
  • Lose heart and decide that… I’ve so much work, I’ll do it next year.
  • Stare at the books and think “even so-and-so (i.e. a cool PM you know) failed it… this is not for me”.
  • …Any other similar downbeat reaction…

Honestly, any of these thoughts might be the end of the best carreer-boosting effort you may have ever made. Do not let them seed your mind without pushing back on them. YOU deserve it!

When is the best time for your PMP? You’ve just done the prep class? NOW!

Trust me, the knowledge you gained during last week’s class has not vanished. It just needs some reconfirmation during the next two weeks or so. Go back to your books and here is what you do:

  1. Challenge that feeling of emptiness by telling yourself (every morning, and every time you see the PMBOK): “hey, I really dig this stuff!”, and/or “I wish we were all working the PMI way, and I’ll do my part to introduce it into my company”; and then,
  2. Go ahead and book an exam date in the upcoming six weeks, not a day later.
  3. Open your books and start by looking at page 61 on the PMBOK. Read the processes and recall anything you can. Even the “uselss” things (such as: oh! right! No controlling in HR! I had to laugh at that!…).
  4. Prepare a study plan (example: 1 hour a day plus all Saturday, KPI: (3/3) go through the whole material 3 times in 3 weeks), and then stick to it!
  5. Start doing PMP questions even if you have no clue: follow up on the answers. The more you do the better.

Good Luck, go for it! If not now… when?